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My 5-Step Process for Creating Great Product Photography
If you're selling online, your product images are the first - and in most cases the ONLY - impression people will have[...]
What you need to know about the Shopify MailChimp Breakup and Automation
​As some of you may have already heard. Shopify and MailChimp have had a rather nasty breakup that has resulted[...]
3 Things Your Google/Facebook Agency Doesn’t Want You to Know
There may be a few exceptions to this, but the insider secrets I’m going to share with you are applicable[...]
MailChimp vs Klaviyo: A review of 2 top email marketing solutions for Shopify Stores
Most people launching a Shopify e-commerce store start out on MailChimp, the trusted, proven leader in the Email Marketing space[...]
3 Insights Shaping the Future of User Experience
When I was a kid, computers were huge, room-size black boxes that were strictly the domain of scientists in lab[...]
6 simple but effective ways to increase eCommerce sales
Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, we didn’t put all of these strategies together over a weekend. It’s[...]
7 advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing shipping and fulfillment
For SoYoung, shipping and fulfillment is an automated process. When an order is placed by a customer on any of our[...]
6 Steps for making your ecommerce Sale Event a massive success
I’m proud to say that we hit it out of the park last year with  SoYoung’s Black Friday email campaign,[...]
7 Shopify issues that drive me crazy (and why I use it anyway)
When I came on board at SoYoung, one of my first tasks was to migrate our eCommerce platform from Magento[...]

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