How We Took Our Consumer Products Business From Zero To 7 Figures


Are You Struggling to Transform from A Cottage Industry Into a Scalable Business?

  • Grow faster by learning proven formulas for selling your products.
  • Eliminate feelings of overwhelm and confusion by understanding key business concepts.
  • Meet and be inspired by fellow product entrepreneurs who are making an impact on the world.


 "Jeremy is professional, patient, and helped me understand the entire  process. He left me feeling confident that I had the right tools to carry on by myself - but was always there to help if I needed it!"

- Kelly McDowell

Clementines Luxury

"Our business would not be where it is today without Jeremy's contribution. He is brilliant at identifying our challenges and then designing the appropriate systems to address them."

- Catherine Choi


"Jeremy is passionate about helping people and because he’s human focused, he’s great at what he does. He knows how to brand, drive sales and understands the ever-changing eCommerce landscape."

- Grace Paik​
Jaq Jaq Bird

Who Is The Mastermind Program For?

The mastermind program is a learning community for consumer product entrepreneurs looking to build a successful, scalable business around their original product idea by given them key insights from someone who has done it. 

This program provides weekly training, interviews with successful product entrepreneurs and support from a like minded community to bring structure and accountability to the challenging task of scaling your business.

About Jeremy

Over the past 8 years, Jeremy Robinson has been a partner at SoYoung, a brand of innovative, insulated bags sold online and at over 1,000 retailers including Whole Foods Markets, Anthropologie and Nordstrom.

Prior to SoYoung, Jeremy ran a design and marketing agency where he worked with leading brands such as Franklin Templeton Investments, InterContinental Hotels, University of Toronto and Jamieson Vitamins. He is author of the book "Indie Brand Builder" and has created several bestselling online courses. 

Beyond work, Jeremy is a father of three who enjoys skiing, racket sports, music and reading.  Jeremy holds an MBA from Rotman School of Management. 

The Indie Brand Builder Blog

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