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I Help Indie Consumer Product Brands Reach a Global Audience

I'll work with you to:  

  • Clarify your brand focus and simplify your marketing
  • Grow your sales while avoiding costly mistakes  
  • Automate and develop repeatable processes

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9-Step Hiring Process for Small Business
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6 simple but effective ways to increase eCommerce sales
Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, we didn’t put all of these strategies together over a weekend. It’s[...]
7 Tips for providing amazing customer service
Having more customers is a good thing, but it will also mean having to service them. They will call you,[...]
From the basement to an 8-figure exit: the Mabel’s Labels Story with Julie Ellis
Julie Ellis a co-founder of Mabel’s Labels, one of Canada’s greatest small business success stories. Back in 2002, Julie and[...]
7 advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing shipping and fulfillment
For SoYoung, shipping and fulfillment is an automated process. When an order is placed by a customer on any of our[...]


"Jeremy gave me simple, actionable items that made sense. He understood my brand and my challenges and was able to quickly point me in the right direction."

Laura-Jean Bernhardson

CEO, Fresh Collective

"Jeremy has been a wonderful source of information and inspiration. His input and advice have helped me develop practical tools to help our company grow. "

Dalal el Madade

Founder, Sakdialy

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